The birth of a new baby brings much joy and happiness to the parents and their families. As would-be parents, we try to make sure that we have all the infant necessities before their arrival. However, you must take care not to buy baby items that aren’t necessarily required. We have prepped a list for you that will help you shop for baby. Don’t worry about the long list, for we have you sorted here. You can utilize the BabyShop Voucher on our website and avail discount on your purchases.

BabyShop Voucher for Nursery Furniture

  • Co-Sleeper or a crib
  • Mattress for the crib
  • Changing table
  • Chest of cabinets
  • Baby monitor for someone who has a big house
  • Storage hamper

You can go for a bassinet too, but that is only safe for babies that are 3 months or below. A humidifier can also be purchased for the baby room. The skin of a baby is sensitive. With the presence of moisture in the air, it will help prevent chapped lips or red patches in baby. However, this is completely optional, depending on the type of climate to live in.

Baby-proofing Gear

  • Gates for stairs both top and bottom
  • Drawer and cabinet latches
  • Furniture anchors
  • Fireplace bumper (if required)
  • Outlet and socket covers

You don’t have to rush to purchase baby-proofing gear. You will require them once the baby starts moving around and crawling. So, you must be ready with the above list once they are four months. You can save fairly on these purchases if you use the BabyShop Voucher from our website.

BabyShop Voucher

BabyShop Voucher for Baby Linen

  • Water-proof mattress protectors
  • Crib Sheets
  • Thin cotton blankets
  • Sleep Sack for babies and blankets can risk the baby to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

A crib skirt would look beautiful, but it is optional. Mattress padding, pillows, and sleep positioners usually put the baby at risk for SIDS, so parents prefer not to purchase them.

Formula Feeding Items

  • Bottles atleast 8
  • Bottle brush
  • Baby Formula for atleast one month
  • Cotton bibs
  • Burp cloths
  • Bottle sterilizer

If you don’t have a sterilizer, you can always boil the bottles after cleaning them for the time recommended by the medical professional. Dry formula dispenser is also a good thing to have around, but it is optional. The list may look long, but you know you have the BabyShop Voucher available on our website to get everything on discount.

Diapering Items

  • Diapers for newborn
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Water-proof and Cotton table pad covers

Some optional items that you can add to the list are baby cream, non-talc powder, and rectangular pads on which you can place the baby’s bottom.

Bathing and Grooming Items

  • BabyShop Voucher for Hooded towels
  • BabyShop Voucher for Baby shampoo and wash
  • BabyShop Voucher for Washcloths
  • BabyShop Voucher for Baby tub
  • BabyShop Voucher for Bathing seat
  • BabyShop Voucher for Baby hairbrush set
  • BabyShop Voucher for Cotton balls and cotton swabs

Some other optional items that you may purchase for your baby are some bath toys, faucet guard, and bath thermometer. A baby robe is something totally not required. Let your child grow up and walk around before you buy one for them.

Look for BabyShop Voucher on our website and use it to get an attractive discount on all the baby shopping.